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I think people should be forced to get married on the day they have their worst fight. If you can still promise to love someone the moment you most despise them, you might have a fighting chance at making it for the rest of your lives.



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My way of life.

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Surreal Paintings by Aliza Razell

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The Art of Stuffing Hair with @ahmad_abi

For more photos and videos of Ahmad’s hair, browse the #stuffedhair hashtag and follow @ahmad_abi on Instagram.

Egypt Instagrammer Ahmad El-Abi’s first #stuffedhair photo was originally a submission for the Weekend Hashtag Project on 2014 resolutions (#WHPresolutions2014). Ahmad stuffed his hair full of yellow rubber ducks he had bought in 2013 but never got round to doing anything with. Instead of creating a project about yellow rubber ducks, Ahmad had given birth to a creative and amusing new photo series on Instagram.

"Family and friends’ reaction to the photo was amazing," Ahmad muses. "I said to myself, I shall put stuff in my hair until I cut it and I made the ‘paper boats head' and the reaction was even more awesome and encouraging.”

Ahmad says many people comment asking how he creates the photos. “The most interesting (and difficult) photo was the ‘bubble head,’ because people couldn’t understand how the bubbles didn’t pop when they touched my hair. So I posted showing a making of the photo, which was really difficult to do. There were so many trial shots until I finally got one I liked.”

The reaction to the series from the Instagram community has inspired Ahmad to continue posting and explore a newfound interest in photography. “I hope to inspire others to open their eyes, to do what they love and to discover more about what they can do, because when I started photography three years ago, I didn’t know I would be doing conceptual/creative photography. I really love it when someone says my photos cheer them up because they are colorful and funny.”

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Edits of Allendale Magnolias and a few other flowers. I love spring, and flowers. :)


don’t play innocent when you’ve already been convicted of being an asshole with sufficient evidence to prove your guilt. child please.

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